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What is OKAN?

OKAN stands for reception class for non-native newcomers.

This reception class aims at pupils between 12 and 18 years old who have only recently arrived in Beglium and who do not master the Dutch language. Learning Dutch as fast as pissuble is our specific aim. They undergo an intensive language immersion of Dutch for one school year. Our team guarantees you a warm welcome, and we want to offer every youngster assistance in their personal development. Not only knowledge is important, we also focus on a positive attitude in and out of the classroom. That is also why we highly value social intergratino.


Eventually, it is the aim to support the pupils so that they can continue into regular educatin, in the type and study discipline that fits in with their individual interests and competences. Our team not only tries to support the pupils, but also to guide them and follox their progress.

For whom?


You can only start in a reception class if you meet a certain amount of conditions. These are the conditinos for enrolment as a regular pupil in a reception class:

  • You are minimum 12 years old and not yet 18 years old on December 31st of the current schoolyear.

  • You are a newcomer, which means that you have maximum spent one year uninterruptedly in Belgium.

  • Dutch is not you mother tongue nor home language.

  • You do not master Dutch enough to follow the courses successfully.

  • You have been registered for maximum 9 months (not including holiday months July and August)- in a school with Dutch as the instructional language.


On demand of the school exceptions for individual pupils are possible,
however in exceptional and special circumstances.


Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday lessons take place from 8.30 AM till 12 PM and from 1:10 PM till 4.40 PM. On Wednesday pupils only have courses in the morning (from 8.30 AM till 12 PM).

Our pupils take 28 hours of class a week, of which 22 hours will be Dutch. The skills such as speaking, listening, reading, writing and oral interaction are central.

OKAN Middenschool Brugge Centrum aims to prepare youngsters both for regular education as for functioning well in everyday life. Classes therefore have a practical focus. In order to connect to regular education the more advanced pupils will learn the main vocabulary of subjects as geography, history, mathematics, economics, biology, physics, music and arts & crafts. Working with a computer and tablet also belangs to the curriculum.

Besides Dutch the pupils also follox 2 hours of ideological subjects. They can choose between non-religious philosophy or one of the sic recognized religions: Roman-Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Anglicanism, Judaism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

Finally, the pupils will also have 4 hours of integration. This contains all possible aspects of life. The pupils will get acquainted with different cultures, exchange options and will learn how to deal with different ideas in a critical but respectful way.


You can enrol throughout the year.



The pupil has to be accompanied by a parent, guardian of responsible person. This person has to subsribe the enrolment documents. We need an identity card and if possible also documents of previous school results of the native country.

Location / Accessibility

The school is located 400m from the Bruges ring road and can be easily reached by bike through 'Sint-Clarastraat', 'Calvariebergstraat' of 'Annutiatenstraat'.

See contact information.

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